Day care for babies

At daycare Heyendael babiess we have a special group for babies from age 0 to 2. In this group there will be plenty of rest, time to cuddle and individual attention for your baby. Our daycare is located in natural surroundings and we make full use of it. All children go outside every day, including the little ones. We even have the capacity to let your baby sleep outside.

Feeding at our day care

We give our full attention to feeding your baby. Our employees take your baby in their arms while giving them their bottle. Do you work in the neighborhood and would like to feed your baby yourself? Of course that’s no problem. We will make that moment as comfortable as possible for you and your baby.

Activities day care

Rest, fun and play go hand in hand with our childcare groups. The game material and the activities that we offer are appropriate for the development phase of your child. Activities for babies and children up to 2 years where the Heyendael day care centre attaches great importance to are as follows:

  • Sleeping outside
  • Time to cuddle
  • Give bottles on the arm
  • Mothers are welcome to come and breastfeed
  • Outside every day
  • Responding to initiatives of the child
  • Attention to physical and emotional safety

Day care centre with permanent staff

The Heyendael child day care centre only employs permanent, well-trained employees. In case of vacation or illness, employees are always replaced by a permanent substitute. In this way, we give parents and children a solid and trusted basis. More information about day care for babies? Feel free to contact us.

We would like to introduce you to our way of working. This website gives a picture of what we offer, but we would rather invite you to take a look at our location during reception time yourself so that you can see in practice what childcare at the child day care Heyendael centre means. We would like to hear from you!