Veilig en vertrouwd kinderdagverblijf - Kinderopvang Heyendael

Safety and trust in childcare

Safety and trust are paramount at the child day care Heyendael centre. We consider it important that your child feels safe and secure in our environment and with our employees. Only when children feel safe can they discover, play and develop.

Each child has his or her own pace and preferences. Our pedagogical staff listen to these. Children do not have to be afraid to make mistakes. We offer a safe environment to learn things that you cannot immediately do. Development also sometimes involves failing and trying again.

If a child wants to withdraw, there is always an opportunity to do so. In this way, we ensure that every child can develop at his or her own pace.


We ensure that your child feels safe and at ease at our child day care centre. We do this by respecting each child as he or she is and by responding to the needs of each child. We are there for your child when he or she needs us and we listen to the signals. In addition, we guarantee physical safety when we play outside in our natural gardens or the nearby park. There are always enough pedagogical staff to keep a close eye on all children.


A familiar feeling ensures that children feel at home at our child day care centre. That is why we find a connection to the home front very important. The group management therefore maintains in close contact with parents and tries to connect as much as possible to the home situation. We do this by adopting habits such as daily routine, nap times and eating habits. In addition, we provide as many familiar faces for your child as possible. We work with 2 or 3 permanent employees per group and permanent temporary employees in case of illness or leave.