Flexible childcare for your child

Do you have flexible working hours? Then it can be difficult to arrange childcare. That is why we offer supple childcare at our Heyendael child daycare centre. This is super flexible care, tailored to your work schedule. This can mean that your child comes every week on varying days, or for instance every other week. Even if you need care in between, you can always contact us. In consultation, we always provide care for your child, tailored to your work schedule.

How is your flexible working schedule catered for at the Heyendael child day care centre?

Good planning is of great importance in flexible childcare. We therefore ask parents who want to use flexible childcare to submit their timetable one month in advance. In this way, we can place your child in the ‘De Boomhut’ group well in advance. We work in this group as much as possible with the same pedagogical staff, meaning your child can get used to the familiar faces of our flexible daycare despite the changing days. In addition, our employees have extensive experience with the changing presence of children in the group, enabling them to switch quickly.

Read the ‘Reglement Flexopvang’ here.