Pedagogical policy of our child day care centre in Nijmegen

The children are central to the pedagogical policy of the Heyendael child day care centre in Nijmegen. Every child needs warmth, security and a sense of security and trust. We are committed to this on a daily basis. We respect the children and take them seriously. A child who is seen and receives attention can develop their self-esteem to the maximum.

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The principles of our pedagogical policy are:

  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Development
  • Fun
  • Play

Literally and figuratively, our child care is close to science. Our collaboration with Radboud University Nijmegen, the Baby & Child Research Centre and the Max Planck Institute ensures that we are not only aware of new pedagogical insights but are also inspired Thomas Gordon. Our teaching staff are also fully tuned into the language development of young children.

Thomas Gordon’s pedagogical vision

Thomas Gordon developed a communication method for effective contact with children. Central to this method is the development of a warm, open relationship with children, based on mutual respect and equality. This allows a child to develop into an independent and resilient person.

Read our complete pedagogical policy plan (English version will be available soon.)