kinderdagopvang voor peuters - Kinderopvang Heyendael

Childcare for toddlers

If your child is 2 years old, he or she can move on to the toddler group with children up to 4 years old. We regularly go out with this group and we offer the children challenging activities. Our daycare for toddlers is characterized by a wide variety of play material, plenty of space and friendly well-organized groups. We offer toddlers a safe place where they can fully explore: in short, a place where your child can be himself or herself.

Developmental activities for toddlers

With all the activities we offer, we take the development of the toddlers into account. The game material fits the development phase of your child. Through the observation and tracking system KIJK! We accurately record the development of your child. This allows us to respond to the needs of every child. We mainly let the children play, try, observe and imitate. There are always other children of the same age to play with. In this way, the children learn to share and to resolve conflicts themselves. Read more about our working method here.

We offer:

    • large natural gardens;
    • a private entrance to the Brakkenstein park;
    • play material that matches the age of your child;
    • a large hall for dance and movement games where they also meet children from other groups;
    • take care of chickens together;
    • vegetable plots and fruit trees;
    • a new theme every 6 weeks;
    • a craft area to express creativity;
    • a reading corner to further stimulate language development.

Childcare for toddlers up to 4 years

Structure and consistency is important for children. For the toddler group, we work with permanent staff and with permanent temporary staff in the event of illness or holidays. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of childcare for toddlers? Feel free to contact us.