Naar buiten - Kinderopvang Heyendael

Childcare in a nature-rich area

The child day care Heyendael centre has the largest gardens in Nijmegen. There is plenty to do for children. Together we take care of the chickens and harvest vegetables and fruit from our vegetable plot. We also regularly visit Brakkenstein park; we even have a private entrance to the park. So staying clean is hardly an option; we enjoy the fresh air almost every day. Even the little ones go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Babies and toddlers can even sleep outside in special outdoor cots.

Discover outside

In our garden, vegetable plot and the nearby park your child can discover things and enlarge his or her world every day. In this way they learn and see how everything grows and flourishes and they discover which animals live outside and which live in the gardens. Together the children enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the flowers and all the other beautiful things that the natural environment has to offer them.

Outdoor play

Playing outside is the ideal way for children to fully develop. Think of the motor, cognitive, mental and social development of your child. By playing outside, children learn what they like and dislike, define boundaries, estimate distances and heights. Our outdoor spaces are safely equipped and are the ideal meeting place. They can play and discover together under the watchful eye of the pedagogical staff.

With us you are allowed to get dirty!

We find playing and exercising, discovering and learning in the natural environment of our shelter important for the development of your child. Getting dirty is part of that. We therefore advise you to put on suitable clothes that can take a beating and get dirty.