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Explore the world in a playful way

In a group you learn to play together, share and that there are limits. Playing together requires cooperation, communication and taking each other into account. By playing together and dealing with others, your child learns playfully. We undertake as many different activities as possible that suit the development of your child. Do you like your child to just get away from the others? That is also not a problem. We accept every child as he or she is, but will always encourage interaction with others.

Activities for toddlers

We provide many joint activities such as dancing and singing, so that the children learn to express themselves. We also learn how to play with language in a playful way. We help children discover who they are and where their talents lie. Children learn from and with each other and are well matched in the game. The toddler groups are also already familiar with the basic rules, which apply at the start of the primary school, such as cleaning up after playing, toilet training and taking another person into account.

Personal development for toddlers

In addition to social development, personal development is also very important for toddlers. They learn what they like and dislike, learn how to deal with others and deal with conflicts. Because there are no small children present on the group, it is easier to play with fine play material, so that the fine motor skills are further stimulated. For instance by cutting, playing a hammer and stringing small beads. This ensures the development of creativity and flexibility. The independence and self-esteem of your child will also be stimulated through the guidance of our pedagogical staff.