Sleep outside at Kinderopvang Heyendael

Would you allow your baby or toddler sleep outside? At the child daycare centre Heyendael in Nijmegen, it is possible. Our child day care is located in a green and traffic-calmed area, which makes sleeping in the open air extra beneficial for your child.

Sleeping outside is healthy!

Sleeping outside is good for building resistance in babies and small children. Outside they take a larger amount of vitamin D and many children sleeping outside enjoy quieter, longer and deeper sleeping periods. Sleeping outside is also good for the development of the lungs because the outside air quality is much better than inside. Do you want your child to sleep outside in the quiet and natural outdoor environment of our childcare? This is possible in special outdoor beds.

Safe sleeping outside for your child

If you want your child to sleep in the open air, we provide temperature-adapted clothing and sleeping bags. We always take sufficient supervision into account to ensure safety. The ‘houses’ are always in the sight of the pedagogical staff and at earshot of the group.

Sleep outside for healthy development

Sleeping outside is very healthy for your baby since it ensures an optimal introduction to nature. Senses (smelling, hearing, feeling and seeing) are stimulated and contribute to the development of your child. Listening to whistling of birds, hearing the sighs, whispers, whistles and howls of the wind, rustling leaves or looking at the sky and the sun all ensure making sleeping outside a valuable experience. Moreover, children become calmer due to the sounds and surroundings of nature and therefore sleep better.