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Supervisory Board of the Heyendael child daycare centre

The Heyendael child day care centre is a professional and independent non-profit making foundation. This foundation works complies with a Board of Supervision model. The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the management and the general course of affairs at the Heyendael child day care centre. They also advise the director. The Supervisory Board monitors the realization of the objectives of the foundation, the strategy, the risk management, the control systems, the social / financial accountability and compliance with legislation and regulations.

This keeps us focused on our qualitative objectives and on fulfilling our pedagogical promise to the parents.

See the composition of the Board of Supervision here.

Governance code Child care

The supervision of the Heyendael child day care centre is in accordance with the Governance Code. This document contains guidelines for good governance, supervision, accountability and transparency within.

Read the governance code here.

KDH Internal Rules and Regulations

The Supervisory Board works in accordance with the guidelines of the Governance Code and in addition has drawn up a set of rules.